The Mischievous Macaw

Meet Simon

Species: Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)
Sex: Male
Residence: Kiwa Centre, English Countryside

Hello! I'm Simon. I'm not just a Scarlet Macaw; I'm a whirlwind of fun and feathers here at the Kiwa Centre! My friends and the staff know me for my playful spirit and my penchant for rearranging things - which sometimes means creating a delightful mess. It's all in good fun, though; I'm just exploring the world in the best way I know how - with my beak!

Get to know Simon

A Tough Start...

Life wasn't always colourful and bright. My early years were spent in a dark, cramped cage with no natural light, which wasn't ideal for someone as vibrant as me. I lived on a very bad diet and had no toys to play with, and coupled with the lack of light I became blind and was overlooked by the people who were meant to be caring for me. But all that changed when the World Parrot Trust stepped in. Rescued from those harsh conditions in 2017, I now bask in the natural light of our lovely aviary set in the lush English countryside alongside my friends.

Thriving in a New Home...

These days, I navigate my new home with the help of specially installed ropes, using my beak to feel my way around. The staff here are wonderful and always make sure I'm part of all the fun, especially when it's time to eat. I love following them around, hoping to get a taste of my favourite treats - nuts!

Why Sponsor Simon?

Sponsoring me

not only supports my continued recovery and enjoyment of life, but also contributes to:

  • Providing exceptional care for all of us at the Kiwa Centre
  • Ensuring a safe, enriching environment for us thrive in
  • Supporting the World Parrot Trust in emergency rescues and other critical operations
  • Raising awareness about the welfare and social needs of parrots
  • Supporting conservation initiatives from the centre
  • Sharing innovative care and enrichment ideas for parrots everywhere

Join Simon's Squad!

Your support means the world to us and helps ensure that my friends and I keep thriving. Plus, you'll get regular updates about the chaos I'm cooking up - it's sure to bring a smile to your face!

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Symbolic Adoption | Simon

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Symbolic Adoption | Simon

When you symbolically adopt a resident parrot of the Kiwa Centre, you help support the ongoing care and wellbeing of the entire flock. Your generous sponsorship automatically renews yearly, helping provide the high-quality diet, enrichment, and veterinary care these amazing birds deserve. The gift also extends to supporting our welfare and conservation work at Kiwa and across the world.

Adoption Package

Adoption certificate and framable photograph
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Exclusive tote bag, vinyl sticker, magnet, and enamel pin
9" / 23 cm plush parrot OR custom 11 oz / 325 ml mug

Digital Adoption

Digital adoption certificate
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Printable photo of your adopted parrot
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Symbolic Adoption | Simon

Customer Reviews

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Laura Epperson
Kiwa Centre- Symbolic parrot adoption - Simon, Scarlett macaw ♥

I was very please to have another way to directly support the birds at the Kiwa Centre. I have purchased items from the Amazon wish list in the past, but maybe because I'm located in the US, I can't purchase a number of the wish list products. Thank you for creating this alternate way to donate!

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