The Inquisitive Military Macaw

Meet Sergeant

Species: Military Macaw (Ara militaris)
Sex: Female
Residence: Kiwa Centre, English Countryside

Hello there! I'm Sergeant, a vibrant and curious Military Macaw who loves the hustle and bustle of life here at the Kiwa Centre. I thrive on social interactions and enjoy spending time with my fellow aviary residents. I have a special bond with some, but honestly, I find all the birds here pretty cool to hang out with.

Get to know Sergeant

A Bustling Home

Our aviary is the liveliest spot at the centre, always buzzing with activity. We're frequently treated to new toys and puzzles, and I pride myself on being among the first to dive in and explore these novelties. I can hardly contain my excitement when the carers come by, especially because they often bring goodies that turn my cheeks a delighted shade of blush.

Passion for Puzzles

I absolutely adore puzzle toys - the more challenging, the better! My favorite puzzles involve extracting tasty macadamia nuts, though I'm eager to tackle any challenge presented to me. My partner, a Scarlet Macaw, and I often explore these puzzles together, sharing the rewards of our teamwork.

Why Adopt Me?

Adopting me helps ensure:

  • Continued excellent care for all of us at the Kiwa Centre
  • A secure, enriching environment for our lifelong well-being
  • Support World Parrot Trust's emergency and other rescue operations
  • Increased awareness and education on parrot welfare
  • Dissemination of innovative care and enrichment strategies for parrots globally

Join Team Sergeant

By sponsoring me, you're not just supporting my love for puzzles and social activities, you're also contributing to the overall well-being of many other parrots cared for here at the Kiwa Centre. Plus, you'll get regular updates on my adventures and discoveries, always full of fun and feathers!

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Symbolic Adoption | Sergeant

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Symbolic Adoption | Sergeant

When you symbolically adopt a resident parrot of the Kiwa Centre, you help support the ongoing care and wellbeing of the entire flock. Your generous sponsorship automatically renews yearly, helping provide the high-quality diet, enrichment, and veterinary care these amazing birds deserve. The gift also extends to supporting our welfare and conservation work at Kiwa and across the world.

Adoption Package

Adoption certificate and framable photograph
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Exclusive tote bag, vinyl sticker, magnet, and enamel pin
12" / 32 cm plush parrot OR custom 11 oz / 325 ml mug

Digital Adoption

Digital adoption certificate
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Printable photo of your adopted parrot
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Symbolic Adoption | Sergeant

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Greenman

This is a great gift. Lots of great stuff inside that I’m using. Best of all, it helps Sergeant.

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