The Observant Overseer

Meet Queen Kiwa

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna)
Sex: Female
Residence: Kiwa Centre, English Countryside

Hello there! I’m Queen Kiwa, and I rule the skies of my aviary. Not only do I love to swoop around my spacious home, but I also keep a keen eye on the staff, especially when they're setting up new enrichments. I’m usually the first to approve these exciting additions!

Get to know Kiwa

A Name with a Story...

You might wonder about the name of our lovely home, "The Kiwa Centre." Well, it's named after me! Originally, I lived comfortably with my owner Joe, until he had to move abroad and left me back at a breeding facility believing I would be well cared for. Upon his return, horrified to find us in dismal conditions, Joe reached out to the World Parrot Trust. His advocacy led to our rescue and the creation of this wonderful sanctuary where I now thrive.

Life at the Kiwa Centre

Here, I spend my days engaging with creative toys and gnawing on branches. The aviary is an exclusive club for us girls - we preen each other, chat, and relax in peace. I particularly enjoy “shoulder surfing” as my carers work, staying close to them to inspect their activities. My curiosity ensures I’m always the first to try out any new toy or gadget they introduce to our environment.

Why Sponsor Kiwa?

Adopting me not only supports

my adventurous lifestyle, but also contributes to:

  • Providing exceptional care for all of us at the Kiwa Centre
  • Ensuring a safe, enriching environment for us to live out our days
  • Supporting the World Parrot Trust in emergency rescues and other critical operations
  • Raising awareness about the needs and welfare of parrots
  • Sharing innovative care and enrichment ideas for parrots everywhere

Join Kiwa’s Court!

Your sponsorship helps ensure that my friends and I continue to live in joy and comfort. Come aboard, and receive delightful updates from me, your feathery overseer, ensuring all is well in my kingdom!

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Symbolic Adoption | Kiwa

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Symbolic Adoption | Kiwa

When you symbolically adopt a resident parrot of the Kiwa Centre, you help support the ongoing care and wellbeing of the entire flock. Your generous sponsorship automatically renews yearly, helping provide the high-quality diet, enrichment, and veterinary care these amazing birds deserve. The gift also extends to supporting our welfare and conservation work at Kiwa and across the world.

Adoption Package

Adoption certificate and framable photograph
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Exclusive tote bag, vinyl sticker, magnet, and enamel pin
9" / 23 cm plush parrot OR custom 11 oz / 325 ml mug

Digital Adoption

Digital adoption certificate
Behind the scenes updates about your adopted bird's journey
Printable photo of your adopted parrot
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Symbolic Adoption | Kiwa

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Greenman
Adoption Kiwa

I loved it! I drink my breakfast tea out of my new mug. I use the satchel as my bird rescue bag filled with emergency items. I put my sticker on my iPad and my parrot picture on my wall. You put together a great gift. I was very happy to receive it and know that my contribution helped the birds.

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